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#1 2009-04-21 18:21:43

Long Sleeve Oxford
From: Philippines
Registered: 2009-04-21
Posts: 19

where are my men?!?!?!

Hey there people of Squarehippies!...

I'm Ktarzynna, 21 yrs old and I have been raiding this site for months now, and still i haven't seen my perfect guy shirtless so I'm gonna need all your help guys... Please, please, please help me find a shirtless photo of Kameron Bink! I am on my knees people! (exactly what I'm gonna do if I see Kameron in person wink )

Also, I wanna say it's good to be here. And to the unshirter of the shirted, thank you! And yes I do love hirt chests as well.... grraaarrrr!!!

teecee people!

dress women...

undress men... big_smile



#2 2009-04-21 18:28:06

Walker Girl
Tank Top
From: Texas
Registered: 2009-04-21
Posts: 173

Re: where are my men?!?!?!

hello there and welcome! big_smile im new here too

"I'd like to slap those buns on the grill!" xD



#3 2009-04-21 21:18:38

Butt Nacked!
From: Kansas City, MO, USA
Registered: 2007-03-09
Posts: 2753

Re: where are my men?!?!?!

I'm not.  cool

Eventually, I meet EVERYONE, Luv.



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