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#1 2012-09-26 05:16:40

Long Sleeve Oxford
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Paul Schneider photoshop travesty!

i recently came across the movie "The Babymakers".  i haven't seen the movie and the trailer looks awful (with the gorgeous exception of Paul Schneider) but it's the poster for the movie that upsets me the most!

EXHIBIT A: http://assets.hulu.com/movies/trailer_t … makers.jpg

how could they photoshop his amazing chest and pit hair?!?  i want to see the un-retouched photo!  whoever thought of this stupid idea should be fired and never work in movies ever again!  ok...well maybe that's a bit too far...but the photoshop job did go too far in the poster.  even their eyes don't look natural.  why are people afraid of hairiness?

what do you all think?


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