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#1 2007-08-29 16:53:46

Butt Nacked!
From: Kansas City, MO, USA
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"Skin Art"

Has anyone else seen this film?  It came out in 1993, and I've never seen it released on DVD.

The basic plot is this Viet Nam vet (Played by Kirk Baltz) works for a white slaver/pimp type, tattooing her "new hires".  He develops a crush on one of the new girls he's tattooing because she resembles his lost love, and complications ensue.

During the course of the film, we find out in a series of flashbacks that he was a POW, and the Viet Kong general who captured him used tattooing as an interrogation technique.  As a result of this, the Kirk Baltz character has a near-full-torso tattoo, and there are several scenes of him being inked.

There isn't a whole lot of serious nudity in this film, nor a great deal of sex, but it's one of the most erotic movies I've ever seen...

Eventually, I meet EVERYONE, Luv.



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