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#1 2009-03-13 01:51:57

Long Sleeve Oxford
Registered: 2009-02-16
Posts: 19

SNL Sister Site to Squarehippies?

Hey Square,

I have an idea, but whether or not people take to it is quite questionable. I've been watching a lot of Saturday Night Live lately, and loving it (as I think everyone should). Then I started thinking about this website. I know some of us like seeing Jason Sudekis *cough* Square *cough* on SNL, and we frequently cap episodes of SNL.

Well, here's my idea. Why don't we make a sister site to Squarehippies, except this new website only does caps of SNL! The caps can be of any of the guys on SNL going shirtless, doing sexy stuff, or just being cute. Take Dwayne Johnson, who donned a leather vest and did a small strip tease for example. Not shirtless, but still SNL.

So, can I hear you guys sound off on what you think of this?



#2 2009-04-01 10:58:09

Tank Top
From: Bronx, New York
Registered: 2008-10-01
Posts: 128

Re: SNL Sister Site to Squarehippies?

Good morning,

I would check it out. Those guys are attractive and humorous. A good combination. Would you also include former cast members' from SNL?



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